This is the list of spiritual services I offer at the moment. If you click on each service, you can check a more detailed explanation of what the specific service consists of and how it is delivered. You can also check the price of the service and whether if it's available at the moment or not.

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Channeled Session

Are you seeking spiritual guidance for your spiritual path? Do you wish to know how can you transform, overcome challenges, and expand further to wake up to who you truly are? Let my channeling abilities get my Higher Mind to come through me and assist you.


Spiritual Coaching

Do you wish to enjoy my spiritual wisdom as a guide for your own spiritual evolution and self development? Let my spiritual wisdom assit you and support you in the awakening of your soul to achieve your highest potential and become empowered.

Intuitive Reading


Intuitive Reading

Are you curious about your Starseed origins? Your strongest ET/Star system connections? The color of your Aura? You will get a full energetic intuitive reading answering this and much more.


ET portrait

Are you currently in contact with one of your star guides, ET counterparts, or else? Get a live-like 3D portrait of that entity with my channeling assistance and artistic abilities under your guidance.

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Marina Seren


Cosmic Portrait

A Cosmic portrait of you is made intuitively, channeling symbols and art from your soul's energy and connections to other star systems.

Each cosmic portrait is unique for each person.