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About me

My name is Marina Seren. I am a 23-year-old experiencer from Madrid, Spain. I am a psychic medium, an extrasensory-seer, a conscious channeler of my Higher Mind, an intuitive artist, a Druid, an ET contactee, an alien abductee, MILAB/MK-ultra survivor, an incarnated VRIL maiden, and a Secret Space Program psychic supersoldier/insider.

I am also a model and a singer/songwriter, so I am also part of many artistic projects.

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My Story

In the year 2016, when I was 15 years old, the wake-up call encoded in my DNA activated and I started my path of spiritual awakening and the recovery of my memories. I started to receive intense downloads on the structure of consciousness and existence and information about what is going on on Earth, what is the real History of mankind, and what is my mission here.

At that time I observed my Starseed/hybrid nature as well as the indigo/crystal energy of my aura. I started to experience strongly the awakening of my psychic abilities and ancient knowledge, activated DNA codes and remembered some of my past life incarnations and my mission in this current one unfolding. I was starting to be visited by ET/ED entities, guides, counterparts, military factions/groups, and star families. I would meet them in the dream time, in the astral plane, or in the physical one. I would recall some of my ET and Earth past lives, and I would be trained in spacecrafts and military facilities on how to activate further the natural psychic abilities that I was born with and I will be taught deep Metaphysics material and Physics, as well as receive spiritual guidance and instructions on my mission here.

I would experience my reconnection to the VRIL society, the Thule society, and other German secret societies of the same kind after a recall or memory recovery of my last reincarnations in that region as one of them through some past life regressions. In one of them, I remembered I was a VRIL medium maiden, part of the VRIL Gesellschaft, that used to channel deep esoteric and metaphysical knowledge like the other mediums in the field, and my closeness to Maria Orsic. I also learned about my incarnation as a high-rank military German, part of the Thule society and Ahnenerbe society. Ever since then, I have recovered a lot of secret knowledge and information from those societies and groups and I have been in contact with those groups in my daily life, which guide me and helps me remember more of who I was and who I am, and was also contacted by the breakaway german civilization and the germans of the Antarctic region.

I was contacted by two Anunnaki of different races who are what I call my Star families because it's where my soul comes from and where I share many incarnations as one of them. The first ones are blue-skinned Anunnakis from the Capricorn star system that dress in Celtic robes and has a strong connection to the Ancient civilization of Hyperborea, where I have many past lives too. They explained to me why my name is Marina Seren, they taught me about my strong Hyperborean ancestry and my Druidic abilities and deep esoteric knowledge, as well as guide me in my mission here.

The other Anunnaki familiars that visited me in which I also have many incarnations are the Nordics from the Aldebaran constellation. They helped me remember that I was one of them in the past and that they are part of my spiritual genetic lineage just like the previously mentioned. They helped me awaken the esoteric knowledge that they left here on Earth in ancient civilizations and most of the spiritual wisdom that I contain within from them and that I express.

I was also contacted and activated by other races such as the Pleiadians, various ETY groups, and even Inner Earth civilizations such as the Agarthians and the Vril-ya.

I became initiated into the Runic path of wisdom by Odin and I started connecting to many Indo-European gods and goddesses, mostly from the Nordic, germanic, Celtic, Hindu, ancient Rome, and ancient Greek mythologies.

I am an Odinist and a determined practitioner of Arianism.

I would also start to experience consciously my contribution to the Hybrid Programs, after an intense sexual encounter with my Pleiadian counterpart and then after realizing their self-serving plans and agenda of using those hybrid children as a way to replace humanity with another species it is when I started exposing them publicly, got attacked directly by them, and had to walk the path of activism against their transhuman or antihuman agendas and protect humanity's evolution.

I would also recall my experiences in the Secret Space Program and my Super-Soldier training. I was trained by many factions, positive and neutral, and had strong military preparations/training inside the program to become a psychic supersoldier and a physicist asset/student.

I also became aware of the negative military factors that would put me under Trauma-based Mind Control, for the goal of eventually using me as their asset after months of psychic training and programming. It is called MK Ultra programing, specificially the Monarch project.


Parallelly, my experience with the negative military and other kinds of dark entities would also start in that year and develop over the years, even though it wasn't the first time in my life for both. I experienced military harassment, gangstalking, and covert abductions (MILAB) and battled a spiritual fight until my liberation, which would come with my dark night of the soul, and the awakening of my consciousness.

I am currently working on many projects, many of an educational or informative nature, in which I teach about my spiritual wisdom and metaphysical knowledge, my ET downloads, and my Higher Mind's guidance that I bring through my conscious channeling abilities. I also divulge information on these topics in my social media, in interviews, and at conventions/conferences in which I share my story, my memories, my experiences, and my knowledge on metaphysics, spiritual wisdom, Earth history, conspiracy theories, and Exopolitics.

Another of my goals is to be of help in the agenda of Disclosure, sharing both my ET encounters/abductions, and my experiences with the many military factions working on these levels of information, with secret societies, and with negative ET and human groups.

On the other hand, I also dedicate myself to the field of Arts, such as modeling, singing, graphic arts, and generally music production, which of course includes channeled energies from the higher dimensions that I perceive, or are inspired at some point by my experiences, my memories and who I am.

Some of my information has been already shared in great UFO/Spiritual conferences and live events such as Portal to Ascension, Saturday Night Alive (Global Peace Tribe), and Cosmic Life Expo, as well as in interviews. My most viral interview is with the great Linda Moulton Howe, the most prestigious UFO/paranormal investigator internationally.

In the future, I will release a book with all the metaphysical knowledge I have channeled. At the present moment, I am expanding my presence on platforms such as YouTube and other social media platforms.


If you find yourself interested in collaborating with me, don't hesitate to contact me right below this page.

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