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2021 energy reading

Updated: May 16, 2021


2+0+2+1 = 5

5 is the number of change and transformation. 2021 is a year ruled by the energies of transformation.

Many people think that 2020 was the end of a big cycle from years ago, its not. Its this year.

The new cycle of energy that we got into was in the year 2012, thats when people misinterpreted the Mayan predictions and claimed an end of the world. It was all about a shift in energy, entering a new cycle of energy.

9 is the last digit in numerology that exists. Thats why, it represents the all, the completion, the end of a cycle.

It is the "time" a cycle of energy lasts. 9 revolutions. 9 cycles of energy. A 1 is divided by 9. So a 1 cycle of energy is composed of smaller 9 cycles of energy within itself.

So 9 years from 2012 places 2021 as the year of the last cycle. The last 1 year cycle to complete the 9 year cycle of energy.

2020 was not the end of all of this cycle of total transformation of the collective. 2020 represented the idea of the "explosion" of all the darkness of the collective into the surface, the idea of becoming aware of where we needed change and what things to transform, integrate and what direction to take.

What has been being made is the CHOICE of the indiviadual and the collective of where they wish to move to. The direction to take, that decision. Cause even though everything lies in the now, our energy has an orientation too, that projects itself into direction, focus on a path, a direction, a goal. That is in fact, what has been completed. The choice in way. Thats why it has been said the timelines will split.

Therefore, 2021, the year of completion of this last cycle of energy of intense transformation is about healing. About getting back to our centers and transform, so that we take the strenght to walk where we chose to go.

- Marina Seren-

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